Untitled Poetry

It is a strange place we inhabit, my love.

Mystery and familiarity
drink from the same watering hole.

Fear and courage indomitable
seek the same shelter against the
quiet rains that sometimes make
waterfalls flow from the mountain peaks
of our eyes.

Trust and timidity, those two sisters,
sit under the same tree of my heart
which you made bloom by watering it with your smile.

Love, as tender as dewdrops on a blade of grass
and ache, as red as a fiery setting sun
both free eagles, fly together in the sky that is my heart.

And like a chained Prometheus, I watch as
these eagles come and devour me
completely, every day, day after day, only for me to
be reborn in the lifegiving fire of your embrace every night.

But am I truly chained? I disagree, for
in complete submission to your love,
I found my release. My chains broken
by the gentle caresses of your fingers.

And as I feel the glaciers in my heart
melt and flow through my eyes, my
ears are filled with the chirping
of birds. But when I look up,
it is you who is chirping. My violet.
The harbinger of my spring.


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