A response

I have seen Angkor, and its temples of old
I have seen the spires of Cologne's cathedral - a sight to behold.
I have seen the River Kwai, and the bridge on it too
But nothing, nothing ever comes close to you.

I have seen the Taj Mahal, its minarets piercing the sky
I have seen Nanda Devi, oh so majestic, oh so high
I have seen the Swiss Alps, with their snow-covered peaks
But what I remember most clearly is the curve of your cheeks.

I have seen Singapore, in all its glories
The mer-lion snarling; and Victorian British stories.
I have seen the tomb of Akbar the Great, the Wise.
But what I want to keep seeing forever is the spark in your eyes.

Words are not enough, I know, to describe your being
You are like the first bud of violet, that harbinger of spring
I may falter, and err - yes this is true.
But of one thing I'm certain - my heart belongs to you. 


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