This is it, then.

Came across this on Twitter. I have no words.

"Maybe this is what the Mayans predicted. Not an asteroid, or solar flare, but the end of what we are.  Not the end of the world, but the end of humanity. We no longer cherish life, or other people or even the earth and the animals and resources that occupy this world. We no longer have any courage or sympathy left in us to protect the weak. War, genocide, rape, abuse, senseless mass murder, animal cruelty, gluttony, greed, waste and debauchery.. Look around you, the end of humanity is already here."

हझारों सालों में तारीख, बस इतनी ही बदली है.
तब दौर था पत्थर का, अब लोग है पत्थर के.

(At this point I would like to clarify that I am NOT a pessimist. I have fought in difficult situations and emerged a winner. I have trained in Krav Maga, and positivity and never giving up are qualities inherent in me. But I just don't see a way out of the mess we have, as a species, landed ourselves in.)


  1. very true H just today morning was conversing with my bhabhi that if only people would have behaved more human! like if the rickshaw walla would have taken the delhi couple they wouldnt have boarded the Bus and also the girl was lying nude on the road and people dint hav the humanity to cover her! same happens in many accident cases! ppl dont help immediately and thats the reason many ppl die in accident cases. if only we would start being more courageous to help others,i think that too could save many lives.

    1. we don't have any respect for ourselves. trust me, we don't. what we pass off s self respect is mostly arrogance. how do you expect us to respect others?


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