Trekking wishlist

Having been to the Himalayas more times than I care to remember, I have become a closet fanatic. If I were asked for one wish by some weird skinned Genie, giving me enough money and time for these trips would be it.

1. Golan Heights, Israel/Syria

2. Utsukushigahara Highlands, Japan

3. Carpathians, Romania

4. Yunnan, China

5. Rockies

6. Kanchenjungha and Nandadevi

7. Mount Elbrus, Greater Caucasus, Russia

Disclaimer: All images have, of course, been shamelessly plagiarized, myself never having been to any of these places. To the original owners: I apologize. My point of putting up these images was to highlight the beauty of these places, and your photos did it better than any I have come across.


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