Some more pictures from my brotherhood

Why am I putting up these pictures? I don't know. I don't think any of my ex-classmates even know I keep a blog, let alone read it. On similar lines, I don't expect any of my few readers to understand what we were up to on all these hikes/field trips. I suppose I am just sharing something that is very close to my heart, something which I feel should be preserved in this digital time capsule of my emotions, something I feel I can come back to when I am down. Essentially, something that can actually conjure a patronus charm for me. A happy memory.

In a meeting, on the first night of our MP village stay. Notice the bottle in my hands? That 2-month stay completely destroyed the sturdy metal thing.

5 AM, in a village, is a beautiful time.

The little tyke wanted me to run all the way down the slope like this.

One of our countless weekend trips. I'm the one with the bag and the bottle, to my left is Prof. Anil Date, our HoD and the most awesome teacher I have had in my life. He was a faculty member during my uncle's days at IIT-B, he taught my project guide, and he taught me. His students are today IAS officers, planning commission sub-group members, MDs, CEOs, Chief Ministers, Union Ministers and more. I am honored to have been taught by him.

At the age of 66, Professor Date works 12 hour days and actually accompanies students on hikes that are grueling, to say the least. Is it any wonder that he won the very prestigious lifetime achievement award, given only to the most amazing professors of IIT-B?

Brotherhood. Miss you, guys.


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