A troll post on James B(l)ond

Found somewhere (mostly, tumblr, I think) on the internet. HAD to post it. The name is,

“James Blond in Casino L’Oreal”
“James Blond 007 in Live and Let Dye”
“James Blond 007 in Tomorrow Never Dyes”
“James Blond 007 in The Wig is not Enough”
“James Blond 007 in A Hue to a Kill”
“James Blond 007 in Dyed Manes are Forever”
“Q, get the shampoo ready. Somebody’s gonna dye tonight”
“James Blond in Dyefall”
“James Blond in From Russia with Dove”
"James Blond in Dye Another Day"
"James Blond in You Only Dye Twice"
"James Blond in On Her Majesty's Salon Service"
"James Blond in The Man With The Golden Hair"
"James Blond in For Your Dyes Only"
"James Blond in GoldenDye"
"James Blond in Licensed To Shave"
"James Blond in Hairfall"
“Straightened, not curled.”
“Dr. Nope”


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