Sayeret Matkal

I generally keep my political opinions to myself. Even in the case of Israel and Palestine, I am not going to take sides, in spite of having strong opinions. So please, do not mistake this as a post on the middle east political scenario. No, this is just a post celebrating the sheer strength of the human spirit and its ability to command the mind and the body NEVER to give in.

There cannot be a better example of the power of the human spirit than the exploits of Sayeret Matkal. For the uninitiated, it is the name of the Israeli special force. The soldiers of this unit tend to be, on an average, 21 or so years old, and yet happen to be the toughest and the most contented fighters in the world. Two examples of why they're REAL MEN.

1. When, in 1976, Palestinian terrorists had hijacked an Israeli civilian plane and taken it to Uganda, this unit went ALL THE WAY to Uganda from Israel, rescued the hostages, killed the terrorists, killed Ugandan soldiers and CAME BACK TO ISRAEL. For your information: 

Fact no. 1: the distance between Uganda and Israel is over 4000 Km. 
Fact no. 2: At least 3 countries between Uganda and Israel were hostile to Israel back then.
Fact no. 3: 1 Israeli commando was killed, the leader of the raid, Colonel Jonathan Netanyahu. 52 Ugandan soldiers and terrorists were killed and 11 Ugandan planes destroyed.
Fact no. 4: The unit had only 1 week to plan the ENTIRE mission.

2. As part of the retaliation killings to the Munich massacre, a Sayeret Matkal team went to Lebanon, DEEP INSIDE PLO TERRITORY, disguised themselves as tourists, KILLED PLO TERRORISTS IN THEIR OWN HOMES, AND CAME BACK TO ISRAEL.

Fact no. 1: 2 Sayeret commandos were killed, while about a hundred PLO terrorists died.
Fact no. 2: Many commandos were actually dressed as GIRLS, to fool the terrorists.
Fact no. 3: This put the fear of God in the hearts of terrorists, knowing that Israelis had the capacity to strike them RIGHT IN THEIR BEDS.

These are just two of the countless missions undertaken by this unit. What I learn from Sayeret Matkal is that ANYTHING is possible. Anything. Willpower is the ultimate source of ALL other powers. If you disagree, read this post once again and oppose me. Go on, I challenge you.


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