Heartache: Pure and Beautiful

Three of the best songs I have ever heard, and perhaps I ever will. For me, the definition of a best song is if it can move me to tears, no matter what the reason. Maybe a memory of someone or something special, maybe the lyrics, maybe the music that haunts my very soul, maybe even the melancholy generated by the time of the day and the place where I first heard the song. I know not, and I care not. Whenever I listen to any of these three, they fill me with something so heavy I can barely speak, memories rush from the corners of myself I forgot existed, and all I seem to want is more of the same music that makes me feel so.

That was the first. Now the second.

And finally, the third and the most powerful one.

I know, call me a wuss, wimp or pussy. But I will not lie about the power that these three have over me. I just won't.


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