50 things I will miss about IIT

1. The institute

2. The flora

3. The dogs who never fail to recognize me from 50 feet away

4. My very close friend, the twin of my soul

5. JK's bangle-charts

6. JK's bull milking

7. The ghost of Archimedes

8. Sanskrit-Pandit

9. Bulls

10. The lake, especially at sunset, has a very beautiful melancholy to it. I have never seen it anywhere. Ever. The nearest I came to it was sunset at Umargaon beach or any Goan beach.

11. The professors. I have come to respect every single one of them.

12. Dramatics

13. Calling up mom every morning.

14. Sunrise from my room

15. Strong breeze on the 7th floor in evenings

16. The evening lights in the ballroom of the Renaissance, visible from my balcony. Again, a source of melancholy

17. Kodagana Kodi Nungitha: Raghu Dixit

18. PG Cult

19. The workload: intellectually demanding and you feel satisfied once you're done with it.

20. Hiranandani

21. Weeder's den

22. T shirts that say IITB

23. The relaxed, cool attitude

24. The swagger in our walk when we know others are impressed by us being IITB-ians

25. AHP: one of the best topics I learnt, ever

26. Hawks and kites flying outside my room

27. Atanu, Pinaki and their cobras

28. Atanu's eagle

29. tum tum

30. Going to nani's in AC buses

31. Mumbai: the maximum city

32. Central and Harbor line railway stations with cool names like Masjid Bunder, Dockyard Road, Reay Road, Currey Road and Sandhurst Road

33. The female voice in local trains: Ghatkopar, Sion, Kurla, Vidyavihar, Vikhroli, CST

34. Field trips, even though I hated them when they were a part of my life

35. Writing such blogposts

36. Intellectual challenges and freedom

37. My room

38. DC++

39. 500 MBPS internet

40. The pride in the eyes of my parents when they tell anyone I study at IIT

41. The bittersweet heartache I feel at leaving this place, knowing I am leaving a part of myself here, in the hallowed corridors of the academic area

42. H8 canteen

43. Lakeside

44. 8K per month for doing nothing

45. Playing "Garaj Baras" in evenings, watching lights and traffic along the lake boulevard

46. Gulmohar food

47. Souvenir shop

48. Non-working ATM of H6

49. South Indian movies and songs I have SO come to admire

50. My department


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