Manos: The hands of fate

I recently came across a long forgotten movie called "Manos" the hands of fate. I regard it as the most pathetic waste of 19000 $ ever. (Yes, the budget of the movie, according to wikipedia, was 19000 $ wonly!) At first, I had confusion regarding the name itself. Was it 'Manos: the hands of fate' or '"Manos" the hands of fate'? A cursory search on google revealed that it was the latter. No explanation was found regarding the exclamation marks in the title.

Two things about the film should pretty much tell you everything you need to know about it:

1. It was made by some salesman who made it because he lost a bet with somebody.

2. "Manos" means hands in Spanish. So the name of the movie would be- "Hands" the hands of fate.

No story, no sense of acting and scenes that have no relation with each other are trademarks of Manos. Film editing is so abysmal that you yearn for the technical prowess of movies like Khooni Dracula (check the link to see what i'm talking about). The creepiest part though, is the ending where the villain selects a girl no older than 10 to be his bride. This is not the end of it: The villain happens to be the girl's dad in real life, which makes it creepier than anything I've ever seen. I am sorry, but I cannot write anything more on this movie.


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