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My first 10k experience

I have never been much of a runner in my life. I was a gymnast back in my early teens, and a cricketer. But never a runner. The only race I had ever run in my life was back in 2015, during my civil services training. It was a 5 km cross-country, and I was so out of shape that it took me 57 minutes to finish it.

Running is something I took up fairly recently, mostly to balance my weight training, but I now enjoy it so much that it has replaced strength training as my primary workout activity. I am preparing for the IDBI Mumbai Half Marathon, which will take place on the 20th of August. Meanwhile, this 10 km race was something I came to know of purely through chance. It was organized today by Decathlon in Surat, my home town, as part of their one year anniversary celebrations.

Since I took up running in June, I HAVE run 10 km during my practice some 2-3 times. Usually halting, taking breaks, dragged down by the atrocious humidity of New Delhi. And I my fastest 10 km so far (with severa…

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